Love Tech! What’s next?

So the technical field is very vast and there is something for everyone. Even if you feel you’re not technical, there’s still a place for you with the smallest knowledge. Although, it would still be helpful to always be in a mindset to build your skills, and that’s the easy part. 

What kind of job roles are there in tech? There are at LEAST 41 different tech job titles out there, and probably way more than that. Here’s a link to see the MANY job types out there that’s a fit for any personality:

I’ll also list out quite a few resources for each main faction of the tech world. Project Managment, Software Engineering Fundamentals, Graphic Design/User Experience(UX), Quality Assurance(QA/Testing), and Marketing. These are pretty much the main areas for a typical tech company, with many job roles underneath.  

Project Management Resources

Software Engineering———0———2

Graphic Design/User Experience(UX)

Quality Assurance(QA/Tester)


These should definitely get you started and they all don’t require any payment. Hope this was helpful!

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