Software Engineering While Black

Black Software Engineer. What’s it like to be one? Can it be done? Isn’t Software Development only for other cultures?

There is supposedly a huge initiative to bring more people of color into these tech companies, especially larger ones. So I wanted to start the conversation about being a black software engineer. Because from the outside looking in, it’s looks a lot different than being one.

This video is simply my honest take on what it was like for me. The goal of this video is to begin honest conversations and to properly prepare the next generation for their journey into the software engineer role.

Being black in this society is already one thing, so to couple with being a software engineer is definitely a unique combo. I pray that that my story is received with a mind that’s about understanding versus combatting.

My journey as a black software engineer

The whole idea of this video came about from watching this video on “Dummy Codes” Youtube channel. It can be found here:

Dummy Codes Video:

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